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Key publications, presentations and reports of relevance to our key themes

Growing British – a strategy paper for promoting fresh produce production in the UK

University of Warwick

August 2023

Measuring sustainable environment-food system interactions

UK Parliament POST

July 2023

The Global Land Squeeze: Managing the Growing Competition for Land

World Resources Institute

July 2023

Points to Ponder on Gene Editing: Can We Edit the Future of Food?


July 2023

Farming Innovations to Deliver Net Zero

APPG Science & Technology in Agriculture

July 2023

Net Zero Livestock - Bridging the gap


July 2023

Regenerative Agriculture in Europe

Wageningen University & Research

June 2023

A new political course for gene technology in the food system – recommendations from the majority of the Norwegian Public Committee on Gene Technology

Norwegian Public Committee on Gene Technology (Genteknologiutvalget)

June 2023

Why we need a National Academy for Sustainable Agriculture

Food Research Collaboration

May 2023

AUC Research Strategy 2023

UK Agricultural Universities Council

May 2023

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