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Key publications, presentations and reports of relevance to our key themes

Why we need a National Academy for Sustainable Agriculture

Food Research Collaboration

May 2023

AUC Research Strategy 2023

UK Agricultural Universities Council

May 2023

Gene editing and food safety: Technical considerations and potential relevance to the work of Codex Alimentarius


April 2023

Life sciences beyond human health: modern industrial biotechnology in the UK

CIIP, University of Cambridge

March 2023

Research, development and innovation (RDI) organisational landscape: an independent review

Department for Innovation, Science & Technology

March 2023

Reducing emissions from agriculture – the role of new farm technologies

Scottish Government

February 2023

Identifying ways of producing pigs more sustainably: tradeoffs and co-benefits in land and antimicrobial use

Bartlett, H. et al, Scientific Reports

February 2023

New Horizons: The UK’s Global Science Strategy Beyond Horizon Europe


February 2023

Agricultural R&D: Best Investment for the SDGs

Copenhagen Consensus Center

February 2023

Multifunctional landscapes: Informing a long-term vision for managing the UK’s land

The Royal Society

January 2023

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