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Key publications, presentations and reports of relevance to our key themes

Applications, Benefits, and Challenges of Genome Edited Crops

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)

March 2024

Insect decline and UK food security

House of Common Science, Innovation & Technology Committee

March 2024

The Economics of the Food System Transformation, Global Policy Report

Food System Economics Commission

January 2024

Environmental Labelling for the UK Food Industry

Institute of Grocery Distribution

December 2023

Sowing the seeds: A blooming English horticultural sector

House of Lords Horticultural Sector Committee

November 2023

Powering productivity for sustainable UK food security


November 2023

Enabling genetic technologies for food security

The Royal Society

October 2023

The €3 trillion cost of saying no: How the EU risks falling behind in the bioeconomy revolution

The Breakthrough Institute and the Alliance for Science

October 2023

2023 Global Agricultural Productivity Report

Virginia Tech

October 2023

Regenerating Together: A global framework for regenerative agriculture

SAI Platform

September 2023

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